Although we do not provide financing for equipment our selves, we do have third party financing available though banks and financing companies.

There are also equipment financing companies companies through which you can finance your equipment, if you have a good credit history.

The way these companies operate it strictly on lease program. In other words you are technically leasing equipment from the finance company and you, as per agreement, pay the lease for the number of years you agreed for. In other words say you take a three year lease, or leased the machine for three years through the finance company, you make the required payments for three years and end of three years when the finance period ends you can buy the equipment from the leasing company for $1.00.

Now remember you are actually not buying the equipment for $1.00 but actually you paid for the equipment for three years since the principle is actually included in the payments along with interest and leasing fees which can be pretty heavy. So when you go looking for financing for your equipment do extensive research.  

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